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Scene fusion 1.8.2-2 - March 7, 2019

Changes and new features

None with this version, it is mainly a bugfix update.

Bug Fixes

  • Game object instances created from prefabs with children sync again.

  • Unity 2018.3.x Fixed various errors when attempting to sync unpacked prefab instances.

  • Unity 2018.3.x Fixed an issue when reverting properties to default values while in play mode.

  • Updated EditorXR support to EXR version 0.2.0.

  • Updated Probuilder support to version 4.0.3

  • Update Cinemachine version support to 2.2.8

known issues

  • Unity EditorXR Notes

  • Sometimes using annotations for EditorXR will cause Unity to hang. If you encounter this you may need to update your oculus software.

  • Editors should deselect editing tools in the Tile Palette window to release locks on tilemaps.

  • Some tilemap tile may appear incorrect until unity is forced to update the tilemap view.

  • If multiple users are working on terrain, one user may undo another user's terrain edits when pressing CTRL + Z.

  • Occasionally some objects aren't synced when the scene is first uploaded. These objects will not have a green dot next to them in the hierarchy window. In time, they should be detected and will sync up. Usually, this is due to object added to the scene using editor code. To speed up the detection process, have any newly added objects be selected.

  • We have had reports of users being unable to connect to a session, or users in a session being disconnected with a timeout error. If you encounter this issue please contact us.

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