Scene Fusion enables real-time multi-user editing within game engine scenes. Users of the system are able to work collaboratively and see work occuring in real-time. This leads to faster development and more frequent iteration.

Work together

Teams of all sizes can collaborate in the same Unity™ scene, in real-time. Work together effectively with selection indicators and object locking.

Edit In Play Mode

Enter playmode to test changes while collaborating. Enable playmode editing to let you see real-time changes while in playmode!

Edit Together In VR

Scene Fusion supports Unity's EditorVR platform. Edit scenes with multiple VR and non-VR desktop users simultaneously!

Sync Object Hierarchy

Scene Fusion syncs all objects in the Unity™ object hierarchy, meaning you do not have to rely on prefabs to sync your scene.

Camera Sharing

Show other users what you are looking at in the scene by having them follow or jump to your camera position.


Communicate with your team and use special tags to enhance collaboration with built-in chat functionality.

No merge conflicts

Don't worry about merging Unity™ scenes. With your team working together in real-time, there is no need to merge scenes and risk corruption.

Keep Your SCM

You can continue to manage your project code and assets the same way you always have, with the same tools you’ve always used.

Ship Your Game Sooner

Multi-user scene editing reduces world building time significantly. This means shorter overall development schedules and a faster launch of your game.


Get it for Unity!

Scene Fusion for Unity is free for two users and scenes up to 2000 gameObjects in size.

Looking for Unreal Support?

Sign up for a chance to use Scene Fusion before it is released! Be sure to check out the roadmap.