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Important note about antivirus and firewalls

We have been seeing some reports about antivirus software, such as BitDefender, and corporate firewalls blocking the ability to use Scene Fusion. If you encounter an issue with connectivity, please contact our support team at


Scene fusion 1.8.4 - September 11, 2019

Changes and new features

  • Support for Unity 2019.2

  • Removed intrusive popup when project files are changed by other collaborators

Bug Fixes

  • Rotation values would sometimes be out of sync.

  • Sprite lock shaders would not update after the size was changed.

  • Sprite size property would not sync properly when joining a session.

  • Lock shaders would not show up when a missing sprite was added.

  • In play mode, changes made by undo will be synced without clicking the commit button.

  • Nesting prefabs allowed editing of locked prefabs.

  • [Unity 2017.3] Adding Cloth component causes unity to repeatedly add new Mesh Colliders.

Important known issues


Users who join a scene fusion session will not have lightmap data. This is because only the host opens the original scene file, and all other participants open temporary scene files

It is recommended to turn off autobaking light maps as it can negatively impact performance.

CPU and Memory usage

Scene Fusion will increase the amount of CPU and memory Unity uses. This is due to extra tracking logic and data that Scene Fusion must maintain in order to perform live merging and generate events that are lacking in Unity. It is recommended that you ensure you have 16-32 GB of RAM if your scenes contain 30,000 objects or more.

Other known issues

  • Editors should deselect editing tools in the Tile Palette window to release locks on tilemaps.

  • Some tilemap tile may appear incorrect until unity is forced to update the tilemap view.

  • If multiple users are working on terrain, one user may undo another user's terrain edits when pressing CTRL + Z.

  • Occasionally some objects aren't synced when the scene is first uploaded. These objects will not have a green dot next to them in the hierarchy window. In time, they should be detected and will sync up. Usually, this is due to object added to the scene using editor code. To speed up the detection process, have any newly added objects be selected.

  • We have had reports of users being unable to connect to a session, or users in a session being disconnected with a timeout error. If you encounter this issue please contact us.

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