Knowledge Base / FAQ

What is scene fusion?

Scene Fusion is a Unity™ and Unreal™ plugin that allows multiple team members to work together on a Unity™ Scene. While using Scene Fusion, all users can see the changes other users are making in real-time, allowing for an unprecedented level of collaboration. It provides a highly collaborative and team-oriented alternative to scene merging and scene division, and speeds up level development by 2-3x.

What do i use scene fusion for?

You use Scene Fusion to speed up scene building and work more collaboratively. Instead of having a single person work on a scene at a time, you can now enable multiple people to connect to a single scene which they edit together. Not only will they be able to work faster together, but you will also see fewer merge problems relating to scenes.

How much faster can i build scene with scene fusion?

Different projects and team makeups get different results. We have been receiving reports that using Scene Fusion reduces what would be two months of work down to a few weeks.

Can scene fusion be used with engines other than unity™?

Currently Scene Fusion supports Unity™ and Unreal™. The version of Scene Fusion for Unreal is portable to other platforms.

Does Scene Fusion work through corporate firewalls?

Scene Fusion works in many work environments. However, you may find that your corporate firewall will block it's operation. If you are having issues connecting, check out our set-up notes.

Does scene fusion replace my current source control?

No. Scene Fusion is not a source control solution and is meant to work in tandem with your current source control.

Will scene fusion interrupt my current workflow?

No. Scene Fusion is non-intrusive and is an organic extension of Unity™. This means that you can continue to develop games with your existing workflows. The only difference is that now you can work far more collaboratively with your team.

How much does scene fusion cost?

Scene fusion has several different tiers based on your team's needs. Please see our pricing page for more information.

Where can i sign up for Scene Fusion?

You can sign up for your free trial at

Does scene fusion use a lot of bandwidth?

No. Scene Fusion’s proprietary compression technology allows it to be very lightweight and network friendly.

What if I have a globally distributed team?

Scene Fusion is a cloud based service using a highly effective, proprietary compression technology. Because of this, teams do not need to worry about the locations of their team members.

Does scene fusion store my assets or other Intellectual Property?

Scene Fusion only collects metadata from your project and never stores your assets or information that would compromise your IP.

What is the maximum number of concurrent users that Scene Fusion Can Support?

The maximum number of users available to you will depend on your current product tier. That said, Scene Fusion can work with up to 100 users simultaneously.

Can you enter play mode while using Scene Fusion?

Yes, users can enter play mode to test changes while in a Scene Fusion session. We also offer a toggleable feature that allows users in play mode to still see edits to the scene in real-time.