Scene Fusion 1.7, What a Journey! Thank you, Unity Labs!


Update (Nov 22/2017)

Unity Labs has officially released  EditorXR 0.0.9! Make sure to head over to their Github and grab it for use with Scene Fusion.

Well, after much consternation, we have finally released Scene Fusion 1.7, two whole months after our last release!

We had ambitious plans for this update, and we almost accomplished all of them. Unity 2017.2 has a new 2D tile terrain feature that was particularly difficult to support this round, which alone added almost 3 weeks to get correct.

The best part about this release is we finally support the latest iteration of Unity's EditorXR. EXR has come such a long way in a year. It's an amazing VR tool that makes it possible to be quite productive. Scene Fusion explicitly detects EXR to properly represent your state while in-session. People will see a corporeal editor in-session.

Scene Fusion is a very different kind of asset. It has to support each Unity release in a unique way, which requires constant vigilance for changes to the Unity API. At any moment, something may be so deep-rooted and inaccessible in the engine that we cannot sync it (looking at you, prefab-override flag!). In such cases, our goal is to inform and do-no-harm. We know game developers can work around such issues.

There have been some other improvements as well. We provide more feedback during the scene set-up phase, and have several overall polishing improvements.

Stay tuned! There are some major productivity enhancements planned for 2018. 

To our friends in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving!