KinematicSoup is named a Top 25 Up and Coming company

KinematicSoup has been named a Top 25 Up and Coming company in the annual Branham300 listing of tech companies in Canada. Founded in 2013, the company has since been at the forefront of tools development for game developers worldwide.

KinematicSoup states that their goal is to make development more streamlined, flexible and accessible for game developers all over the world. Justin McMichael, CEO of KinematicSoup states: “Game developers are in need of tools and services that improve productivity. World building is the most significant activity in the game development cycle. Scene Fusion delivers real-time collaboration that significantly improves productivity for world building. Early adopters estimate that it is reducing their overall game development schedules by up to 33%."

KinematicSoup is committed to creating tools and services for game developers that improves their productivity and enables them to deliver better experiences to their customers.

“As we look ahead into this massively growing industry, we are excited to play a role in defining its success and enabling its developers.”


KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. aims to provide game developers with innovative tools to enhance collaboration, reduce development time and increase ROI. Their Scene Fusion platform is designed to deliver a high impact collaborative development environment within the Unity editor. For more information on KinematicSoup visit their website:

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