Using Scene Fusion Unity 3D Scene Collaboration Tool with Perforce - Tutorial

Scene Fusion is a tool that allows teams to collaboratively edit Unity scenes in real-time. Scene Fusion is built to work with your existing source control solutions. In this video we show the typical workflow for using Perforce with Scene Fusion:

Step 1: In Perforce, check out the Unity scene file that your team will be working on.

Step 2: Start your Scene Fusion session in Unity.

Step 3: Have your team join the Scene Fusion session.

Step 4: Edit your Unity scene collaboratively.

You can get new prefabs your team has created from Perforce while running Scene Fusion. To do this, ensure your team has pushed the prefabs to Perforce and then get the latest revision. These prefabs will now be added to your Unity scene.

Step 5: Once your team has finished editing the scene, stop the Scene Fusion session.

Step 6: Save your scene.

Step 7: Submit your scene to the Perforce depot.

Now, the next time a user gets the latest project revision from Perforce they will have the new scene.

To learn more about Scene Fusion visit the product page.