KinematicSoup Announces the Expansion of their Multi-User Unity Scene Collaboration Tool Beta

March 17, 2016 – KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. has announced that they will be expanding the beta for their Scene Fusion platform, inviting additional game developers using the Unity3D engine to trial Scene Fusion in its current stage of development. This is the first expansion of the Beta that will be open to game studios worldwide as KinematicSoup focuses on delivering a tool viable for global teams.

Scene Fusion is a revolutionary new service that adds real-time, collaborative world building to Unity, a feature the engine does not support natively. It enables developers to complete games faster and get to market sooner. Scene Fusion is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows game developers to push games in development into a persistent, cloud-based environment where changes are shared between developers, artists, and world builders instantly and globally.

Scene Fusion enables users to work within a single scene simultaneously, cutting down world building time and complementing highly iterative workflows. The platform’s cloud-based environment makes it scalable to all studios of all sizes, regardless of the number of users or their locations. By using a proprietary compression technology, developed specifically for Scene Fusion, KinematicSoup can ensure that the platform is fast and reliable.

Elaborating on the importance of collaboration tools in modern game development, Justin McMichael, CEO of KinematicSoup, states that “as game development has evolved, things like rapid prototyping, collaborative design, and iterative development have become increasingly important. Unfortunately, these concepts can be difficult to realize as teams become more globally distributed, and the development engines they use do not support these processes. Scene Fusion is meant to provide studios with the ability to collaborate in ways never before possible, regardless of geographic distribution or current workflows.”

Developers need not worry about integration time, workflow changes or learning periods; after only a few minutes of setup, developers will have full access to the platform. Scene Fusion uses the existing Unity interface, meaning developers can continue to use the editor exactly as they did before integrating the multi-user collaboration tool. Taunia Sabanski, CEO of Amnia Interactive, stated that she “would expect Scene Fusion to cut down development time by up to 36%, based on previous experience with custom in-house solutions that had the same capabilities”. This shows that for an extremely small investment of time, developers have an opportunity to greatly benefit from integrating this technology.

Interested in trying Scene Fusion with your Unity projects? Sign up for the Scene Fusion beta here: Scene Fusion.

KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. aims to provide game developers with innovative tools to enhance collaboration, reduce development time and increase ROI. Their Scene Fusion platform is designed to deliver a high impact collaborative development environment within the Unity editor. For more information on KinematicSoup visit their website:

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