KinematicSoup Technologies Launches Scene Fusion

November 1, 2016 – KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. has announced that they will be officially releasing their service, Scene Fusion. The open beta for Scene Fusion launched at the beginning of March this year and since then, game developers have flocked to the tool to experience real-time, multi-user scene collaboration in Unity.

For those that are unfamiliar with Scene Fusion, it is a revolutionary new service that gives game developers the power to create games with richer content in less time. Game developers get better visibility into in their workflow, and can iterate cooperatively using Scene Fusion real-time collaboration features.

The tool also helps overcome many common pain points for Unity developers such as scene merging. Scene Fusion does this by allowing game developers to ‘connect’ to Unity scenes through a cloud-based environment, where changes are shared between developers, artists, and designers instantly and globally.

Justin McMichael, CEO of KinematicSoup says that beta users were critical to Scene Fusion’s development. He stated that “we are grateful to all of the studios who signed up and tried out Scene Fusion. The feedback they provided was extremely valuable, and was critical to us getting the tool to where it is now.”

Scene Fusion is offered as a monthly service with varying pricing based on needs and company size. Multiple tiers are offered for indie and enterprise studios as well as for educational use.

Justin explains that the reason for this pricing model is to “ensure that studios of all sizes have an affordable way to use Scene Fusion. We want to make sure that a wide range of studios can have the benefit of using the system.” New companies will also be able to trial the tool before purchasing it as every new subscription comes with a free month.

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KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. aims to provide game developers with innovative tools to enhanced collaboration, reduce development time, and increase ROI. Their Scene Fusion platform is designed to deliver a high impact collaborative development environment within the Unity editor. For more information on KinematicSoup visit their website:

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