Trouble connecting? Read this...


You may be finding that you are able to start a session, but not able to connect to it. Another symptom is that an offsite collaborate is able to start a session, and you are unable to join it. In both cases, it is often some type of firewall that is the problem.


There are two types of firewalls that can block Scene Fusion: Local, software firewalls, such as the ones you find in Antivirus (AV) software like BitDefender, and corporate firewalls. To determine if the connection issue is due to AV software, you simply need to try using Scene Fusion while the AV software is temporarily disabled. 

More often than not, Scene Fusion is blocked by corporate firewalls. In most cases, your IT department should be able to forward a few ports to you and your collaborators in order to unblock operation. The ports to unblock are:

  • TCP 8000/8001
  • TCP 1025-1100

If these don't resolve your issue you will want to contact us.