Epic Announces $1M in Developer Grants. Scene Fusion Included!

Today, Epic has announced that KinematicSoup is one of the winners of nearly $1M in dev grants!

We have been working on Scene Fusion for Unreal for nearly 8 months now. There is more going on under the hood than many realize. Unreal Engine will debut a faster, more flexible, and more extensible version - Scene Fusion 2. With a new core written in C++, and huge API improvements, this new version of Scene Fusion can be used by any engine.

Our focus is on stability and extensibility first, and work our way to supporting the full gamut of engine features Unreal has to offer.

Currently, Scene Fusion for Unreal is in closed alpha. We have a sign-up list available for those who are interested in announcements, including opportunities to participate in our initial closed testing periods. 

We are very excited to be doing this, and recognition from Epic is... well, Epic!

We powered Unity at SIGGRAPH VR Village 2017

Real-time collaboration is a great way to work and be productive. It is especially powerful when you are looking at VR development.

We have been working with EditorVR from Unity Labs since they released it, ensuring that Scene Fusion enables real-time collaboration on the platform. We are happy with the results!

Unity actually used our live production system for the demo. It worked well, despite an iffy internet connection.

Check out the video of how it went!


KinematicSoup and ProCore3D join together to massively accelerate level creation!

Tools for game developers have entered a new era. Scene Fusion, the most powerful level design collaboration tool available, has teamed up with the most powerful in-Unity asset Probuilder3D to become the fastest in-engine asset creation solution available!

KinematicSoup Technologies, the company behind Scene Fusion, is working to support the most powerful and popular tools used by game developers....